​Handling Difficult, Dominating, Aggressive & Overpowering People Effectively

Who Are The Difficult People – Normally Anyone Whom You Find It Difficult To Handle Comfortably – They Could Be The Ones

  • 1.Who Scares You
  • 2.Terrorizes You
  • 3.Sends Fear In Your Heart
  • 4.Is Illogical
  • 5.Is Irrational
  • 6.Is Unreasonable
  • 7.Does Not Listen Or Understand – What You Are Saying
  • 8.Only Talks About Self – Without Giving A Chance To Others
  • 9.Boasts About Self – All The Time
  • 10.Wants You To Acknowledge That He/She Is The Greatest
  • 11.Abuses You – Physical & Verbal Both
  • 12.Suppresses You
  • 13.Humiliates/Insults You Openly
  • 14.Dominates You/Bullies You
  • 15.Makes You Do Things Against Your Wishes – You Are Not Able To Say No This Person
  • 16.Acts Aggressively Towards You
  • 17.Is Angry With You
  • 18.Takes Everything Personally – Including Jokes
  • 19.Will Never Accept That She/He Is Wrong

Now Lets Us Understand Who The People Those Behave Like These Are

  • I.Are They Likely To Be
  • A.Truly Knowledgeable
  • B.Truly Powerful
  • C.Truly A Leader
  • D.A Brave Heart
  • E.Truly Superior
  • II.Or Will They Be
  • A.Insecure
  • B.Scared Within
  • C.Fearful Of Their Weaknesses
  • D.Lacks Confidence
  • E.Afraid Of People Finding About Their Lacunas & Appearing Weak In Front Of Others
  • F.Constantly Worrying About Losing Control
  • G.Strong Egoist

The Difficult People Always Will Fall In The Second Category. Because Of Deep Insecurity Within – They Create A Mask Of

  • 1.Superiority
  • 2.Aggression
  • 3.Domination
  • 4.Don't Give A Damn Attitude
  • 5.Show-Off Of Great Confidence, Courage
  • 6.Attacking Others For Small Reasons Or No Reasons

The Metaphor Would Be To Consider The Elephant Walking On The Road & Dogs Barking. Who Is Powerful – The Elephant – But Does He Runs After The Dogs – Never.

Powerful, Knowledgeable, Secure, Confident People Do Not Have The Need To Get Recognized By Others As These – By Putting It Down The Throats Of People.

Because They Are Powerful, Confident, And Brave – Others Would Know – They Do Not Have To Prove.

Why You Must Deal With Difficult People - If You Do Not Deal With Difficult People Effectively – Your Will Have

  • 1.Increase In Numbers Of Difficult People In Life
  • 2.Your Self-Confidence Will Take Massive Beatings
  • 3.You Will Operate Out Of Fear
  • 4.The Existing People Will Become Bolder, More Demanding, More Uncomfortable For You
  • 5.You Will Feel Miserable
  • 6.You May Turn Into A Whiner/Complainers
  • 7.You May Turn Passive Aggressive
  • 8.Many Times Your Pent-Up Anger Will Erupt At The Most Inappropriate Time & Will Cause You & Near Ones Too Much Loss Or Pain

One Of The Most Difficult Category To Recognize & Handle Are Passively Aggressive People.

They Will Always Behave, Talk, And Show In Front Of Others As If They Are Your Most Supportive Person, Your Best Friend & Most Caring.

But They May Act Totally Different – Having Fragile Ego – You May Not Know When & Why They Turned Against You.

You Can Recognize Passively Aggressive People By Their Following Talks, Behavior Etc

  • 1.They Will Never Say No To Any Of Your Request – But Somehow Things Never Get Done => They Will Always Find A Compelling/Logical Reasons For Work Not Being Done
  • 2.If Their Almost All The Time Answers To Your Requests Are Fine , No Problem/No Worries, Whatever You Say
  • 3.When You Hear From The Grapevine – How Bad You Are => Even Though They Praise You To The Height In Front Of You

In Comparison Openly Hostile People Can Be Handled More Easily.

Some Of These Tips Are General, Suggesting A Mindset To Cultivate. Others Are More Specific In Advising You What To Do In The Moment.

1.Choose Your Battles Wisely - First Of All Never Try To Pick A Fight/Oppose Them In Public/Have Argument With Them => Pick Your Battles Only When The Stakes Are Very High

2.Listen - Shift From Being Reactive To Proactive

3.Stay Calm – By Thinking[And Believing That This Person Must Have Had A Lousy Day]

4.Do Not Judge/Form Opinion – Before You Understand The Situation/ Person Fully Or Much Better

5.Always Treat Other Person With Respect – Even If He/She Is Acting Totally Dis-Respectfully => Do Not Let Someone Else Forego Your Own Values

6.Try To Understand This Person's Motives/Game-Plan – Is He/She Trying To Avoid Something Or Gain Something

7.Seek An Ally – Sometimes There Are People Around Who May Support You If You Are Logical, Respectful & Reasonable

8.Never Use The Word Calm Down – Instead Ask What Is Making You So Upset, Let Me Understand + Say "Can You Please Explain Little More So That I Can Understand Better."

9.In The Conflict Situation – Never Smile, Keep Your Expressions As If You Are Concerned

10.Never Take Anything Personally & Start Defending Yourself => This Is What The These People Are Looking For To Up Their Ante

11.Never Try To Convince Them By Arguing – It Is A Total Waste & Also This Too Is Their Fuel For Fire

12.Many Times Simple Apology – Instead Of Reacting Angrily Can Do The

13.You Have To Be Assertive & Calm – And Tell Them With Respect => What Is Not Acceptable – You Can Do It By Playback Technique

14.Sometimes Walking Away – Is Very Good – In Case You Find It Could Turn Into Violence

15.Empathize – If You Sense That Their Anger Is Not Due To You => You Can Say – It Is Difficult I Understand - If I Was In Your Situation I Would Feel The Same

16.Focus On The Behavior – Do Not Link Their Behavior With The Person

17.You Must Confront A Bully – But You Need To Prepare Mentally, Physically, Emotionally And Maybe Legally & Create An Support Group Before You Do That

18.Respond Do Not React => Pause For A Moment. Take A Deep Breath Before Responding To Collect Your Thoughts And Calm Your Emotions

19.State Your Rights/Needs Clearly With Assertiveness

20.Entire Communication From Your End Has To Be In Polite Calm Language

21.Do Not Bother About The Opinion Or Your Perception – Stick To The Facts

22.Develop A Thick Skin – Learn To Ignore Some People/Situation By Increasing Your Frustration Tolerance

23.Understand Yourself – Clarify Whether You Are Not Overreacting

24.Overcome Your Fear Of Confrontation & Conflicts – Many Times They Help You Evolve Into Stronger Person

25.Don't Get Dragged Down To Their Levelby Their Behavior/Words/ Action – Maintain Your Own Responsible Behavior & Emotional State

26.Neither Remain Silent Nor Agree => If It Is Creating Turmoil Within You

27.Slow Down – There Is No Hurry To Settle Right Now

For Additional Inputs – Please Also Read My Blog On How To Be Assertive In My Website

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