Initiating Conversation Through Small Talk To Making Meaningful Talks Mastering The Art Of Creating Powerful Impressions

How Many Of You Want To Initiate Conversation & Leave People Deeply Impressed - In A Public Place/conferences/Meetings/Personal & Social Life – Where There Are Few Important People.

The Small Talk - Is Something That Can

1.Can Make You Mingle With Strangers Easily

2.Can Make You Join Any Conversation

3.Can Make You Change The Direction Of Any Conversation

4.Can Actually Be A Great Time-Pass

5.Can Make A Boring Union Interesting

6.Can make you network with diverse groups easy

Small Talk Is One Thing That Baffles Most People.

Even Fewer People Are Capable Of Initiating & Maintaining Meaningful Conversations Which Connects Them With People Deeper.

If You Are Shy & Introvert – Then It Looks Like A Herculean Task.

There Are Many People You Will Come Across Who Impress You Short Term - Short Term Impressions Are Easily Mastered.

But to Know How to Initiate & Have Great Small Talk & Whenever Needed – Talking Meaningful & Deeper with anyone => Can make a You Irresistible Person

This Article Is About Initiating Conversation Through Small Talk, Join Any Type Of Conversation Mid-Way, Make Significant Contribution & Then Take It To A Powerful & Meaningful Level => Even With The People Who Are Very Senior In Knowledge, Experience, Expertise, Position & Power.

This Is Not Easy – Will Take Even The People With Good Communicating Skills Months Of Practice.

Others Need To Do This On A War Footing – To Acquire A Skill That Can Make Them Stand Out – In Most Distinctive Way.

When in Public/Profession/Social Areas[or even among Family/Relatives] - You Will Come Across The Following Type Of People

  • 1.Hostile
  • 2.Totally Unresponsive
  • 3.Outright Rejecters – They Will Say Something Like This – This Is A Private Meeting
  • 4.Sulking - Not Welcoming Your Intrusion
  • 5.Doubting Your Intentions
  • 6.Wait & See Type
  • 7.Experimenter
  • 8. Welcomers
  • 9.People Who Will Add To Your Piece
  • 10.People Who Think That They Are Know It All Or Powerful To Dominate The Conversation

So How Do We Initiate The Conversation– with an Unknown / Stranger Or a Group We Are Interested In Joining/Impressing/Networking With Etc Etc


  • 1.Do Not Sell Anything
  • 2.Do Not Try To Show Off Your Expertise/Greed
  • 3.Trying To Pretend
  • 4.Impose On Them When You Notice That They Are Not Interested
  • 5.Do Not Try To Focus On Impressing Others
  • 6.Don't Get Too Excited About Your Next Thought
  • 7.Don't Waste People's Time
  • 8.Being A Pest Etc Etc

Focus & Create Your Own Signature Style in the Following

  1. Your Walk
  2. Your Voice
  3. Your Eye Contact
  4. Your Charisma 
  5. Your Movements
  6. Your Facial Expressions
  7. Your Dress
  8. Your Personal Hygiene
  9. Your Smile
  10. Your Handshake

B.Before Starting A Conversation, Be Conscious Of What You Want To Achieve

  1. Is It To Get Some Information?
  2. To Simply Kill Time While Travelling?
  3. To Get To Know A Person More?


  1. Listen To Understand & Connect & Never To Respond
  2. Ask Questions For Which You Have No Answers And Looking For Answers Sincerely
  3. Sustain Conversational Agility – If The Conversation Is Stuck, Or You Are Not Getting The Results You Were Hoping For (Your Intention And Impact Are Out Of Sync), Use Agility Skills Like Reframe, Refocus And Redirect
  • D.Some Basics Of Conversation, Communication & Deeper Connections
  • 1.Listen Well
  • 2.Ask Appropriate Questions That Show You're Engaged
  • 3.Try To Be Authentically Yourself – This Stops Unnecessary Anxiety
  • 4.Let People Talk About Themselves
  • 5.Reach Out In Meaningful Ways
  • 6.Do What You Can To Help - Ask How You Can Add Value
  • 7.Recognize Other People – Give Them Your Attention & Importance

Some Tips – For Initiating Conversation

  • 1.Have a Genuine Smile With A Suitable Greeting & Polite Enquiry About Their Welfare
  • 2.Use An Powerful Icebreaker – It Could Be
  • A.Topics That Everyone Will Have Opinion On - Like
  • I.It Could A Breaking News That Has Not Spread – Did You Hear About
  • II.It Could Be Something Both Of You Feel & Complaining About Like – Do They Have Such Large Crowd On Weekdays[Idea Is To Find Common Enemy]
  • III.It Could Be Even Weather – If It Has Been Abnormal
  • B.Something They Are Doing Or Wearing
  • I.They Are Reading – If You Like Reading & Have Not Heard About Or Are Interested In
  • II.Something Unusual They Are Wearing – The Color/The Style
  • III.Eating Something Different – This Place Has Very Unique Fish Fillets – Have Tried Them
  • IV.What Kind Of Drink Is That

  • C.At A Business Setting/Place Of Work
  • I.Do You Work Here
  • II.What Do You Do
  • III.How Long You Have Been Working
  • D.Start With An Original Comment About The City, Place, Surrounding – Which Is Not Offensive
  • I.I Came Expecting……But Found It……Is It Normal
  • II.I Have Never Been To A Place Which Is …………
  • III.I Am New To This Place – Could Tell Which Places I Can Visit……..
  • IV.What Is The Best Way To Spend Your Evenings In This Place
  • V.Which Is The Authentic Joint For [Mexican] Food
  • VI.Where Can I Find Low Cost Accommodation
  • E.Start With An Original Pickup Lines – You Have To Sound Brilliant – You Can Modify The Cliches As Long As It Makes You Telling Something Original

  • F.Use Witty One Liners – Not As A Put Down – But To Bait Her/Him & to Tease – These 5 Examples Are Taken From Internet
  • I.I Was Pro-Life. Then I Met You.
  • II.Whenever We Hang Out, I Remember That God Really Does Have A Sense Of Humor.
  • III.It's Kind Of Hilarious Watching You Try To Fit Your Entire Vocabulary Into One Sentence.
  • IV.You Always Bring Me So Much Joy—As Soon As You Leave The Room.
  • V.I Was Hoping For A Battle Of Wits But It Would Be Wrong To Attack Someone Who's Totally Unarmed
  • G.Joke/Humor => This Is Only When You Have Had Enough Practice – But Learn Some Classic Jokes Those Show Your Taste
  • H.Some Probable Fields You Can Choose Your Topics From & Then Form Your Questions
  • I.Professional/Work Related
  • II.Art, Movies, Songs, Books
  • III.Food & Cuisines
  • IV.Clothes & Accessories
  • V.Travel – Countries, Culture
  • VI.Dreams, Life Stories, Failures, Successes, Proud Moments

DEEPER Conversations

  • A.Dos => Deeper Conversations - What To Do & What Should Happen
  • 1.Developing An Unshakable Faith/Trust Within You
  • 2.He/She Should Feel That You Are Her/His Best Well Wisher
  • 3.He/She Should Feel Totally At Ease & Comfortable To Just Release – What Is Within Her/Him
  • 4.Making The Other Person Feel Free To Share – What She/He Has Not Shared With Anyone
  • 5.Making That Person Introspect Through You
  • 6.Making That Person Understand Himself/Herself
  • 7.Pouring All The Locked Memories, Guilt, Shames, Embarrassment
  • 8.It Is A Uninhibited Sharing By The Other Person
  • 9.After The Sharing The Other Person Develops A Closer Bond With You
  • 10.She/He Enjoys & Looks Forward To Having Conversation With You
  • 11.She/He Feels Better About Himself/Herself
  • 12.Being totally Honest with Yourself towards the Other Person
  • B.The Must Dos
  • 1.Your Investing Time With Her/Him
  • 2.It Will Not Happen In Few Conversation Or Within Few Days
  • 3.You Have To Establish The Belief In Her/Him – That You Care & That Your Only Motive Is To Understand Him/Her
  • 4.Throughout The Entire Process Of Connecting, Building Unshakable Trust => You Have To Display A Very High Level Of Integrity, Confidentially & Genuineness
  • 5.If You Look Shallow Or Superficial – You Can Never Have Deeper Conversation & Neither Deeper Bonding
  • 6.You Have Be A Great Listener, An Expert In Asking The Open Ended Question
  • 7.You Cannot Ever Judge Or Pass Comments Or Give Your Views
  • 8.You Cannot Ever Give Suggestions – Unless Asked With Seriousness
  • 9.Honoring Your Commitment Is Mandatory
  • 10.Complete Honesty Is Vital During Mutual Sharing
  • C.Avoid These in Deeper Conversation
  • 1.Gossip
  • 2.Negativity
  • 3.Complaining
  • 4.Giving Excuses
  • 5.Blaming
  • 6.Exaggeration
  • D.Deeper Conversations –Topics
  • Although Any Topic Would Do As Long As It Is Something That Is Of Utmost Importance To That Person & Can Fall In The Following Areas Of His/Her Life – It Is Not An Exhaustive List By Any Means
  • 1.Dreams
  • 2.Fears & Anxieties
  • 3.Memories & Past
  • 4.Achievements
  • 5.Failures
  • 6.Setbacks, Traumas, Sadness
  • 7.Values, Beliefs
  • 8.Work
  • 9.Education
  • 10.Hobbies & Pastimes
  • 11.Experiences
  • 12.Relationship, Love
Deeper Conversation Starter Topics For Couples Please Remember – It Has To Be Done By Both The Partners & With Genuineness

1.What Are The Things You Wish I Do More Of + Less Of + Stop Doing + Start Doing

2.How Can We Ignite The Romance, The Fire That We Have Had

3.When Is The Time You Feel You Feel Great Being With Me

4.When You Feel Like Trash With Me

5.What Makes You Comfortable With Me

6.What Makes You Go Into Cocoon

7.When You Really Enjoy Making Love With Me

8.What We Are Not Doing – We Used To Do While Dating – Which Was Fun, Exciting & Thrilling

9.What's Your Idea Of A Perfect Vacation?

10.When Did You Last Cry By Yourself? How Can I Help You More When You're Upset?


The Reason Why Most Male Fail In Approaching & Impressing A Woman Are The Things Most Men Think Women Want To Hear => Are Not What They Actually Want To Hear.

  • 1.Find Out What She's Interested In FIRST
  • 2.Play A Game Of Trying To Guess If She Agree... Then Ask Her What She DOES Like
  • 3.Kill The Topic That Does Not Get The Attention & Interest That You Expected - A Topic You've Brought Up... Drop It.
  • 4.Do Not Try To Impress By Boasting/Bragging
  • 5.Get Her Doing Most Of The Talking
  • 6.Make Your Interest Clear (Or Implied)
  • 7.Ask Interesting Questions - There Are Precisely Three Ways To Make Your Questions More Interesting => Make The Topic Interesting + Make The Topic Curiosity-Inspiring + Make The Wording Interesting
  • Look Mildly Bored – It Work When They Find You Interesting
  • 8. When You're Talking To Women, You Want To Come Across As Mildly Bored.
  • 9.Provide Feedback – By Some Acknowledgement Words & Body Language
  • 10.Turn It Back To Her – Make Her Show-Off
  • 11.Employ Baiting - Provoking
  • 12.Understate Yourself And Your Achievements
  • 13.Compliment Her -Don't Overdo It
  • 14.Blend Your Compliments With Serious Talk.
  • 15.Lose Yourself In Her Eyes
  • 16.Ask For Advice
  • 17.Keep The Phone Hidden & Silent
  • 18.LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS from this conversation 
  • 19. PREPARE FOR A LULL - Allow Yourself to Enjoy The Silence At Least Once In A While 
  • 20. Do A Little Homework
  • 21. .If It's Going Well, Mention Hanging Out Again
  • 22. Say Goodbye Nicely
  • 23. Wear A Conversation Piece - which makes people ask you about that

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