Master Pillow Talks & Dirty Chats For A Lifelong Sizzling Relationship

What Is Pillow Talk => Although It Is Called Pillow-Talk - It Has Broader Elements Besides Intimate Conversations

Purpose Of Pillow Talks – This Time Is Used Only For The

  • 1.Building Relationship
  • 2.Nurturing – Through Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual[This Is About Connecting On A Level – Where Each One Of You Understands And Accepts– Each Other Without Any Malice/Pretending]
  • 3.Making-Up For Earlier Hurts/Misunderstanding/Fights Etc Etc
  • 4.To Create Fire & Excitement In The Relationship
  • 5.Pleasing Your Partner & Pleasant Surprises
  • 6.Building Intimacy
  • 7.Using This Time To Get Rid Of All The Negativities That Have Crept Between The Two Of You – Maybe Due Each Other Or Any External Factors Like Work Pressures Etc
  • 8.Lightening Each Other Moods – Especially If Going Through Tough Phase Of Life
  • 9.Catching Up With What Can Add The Romance
  • 10.Talking About Sweet Nothings
  • 11.Visualizing & Planning For A Happier Future Life
  • 12.Making Your Partner Feel Good About Himself/Herself – Just By Doing This & To Make Each Other Look Forward To This Time

Ideally It Should Have The Following Elements


  • 1.Romantic Conversations That Could Be A Prelude To Fore-Play Or After-Play In Love Making
  • 2.Unwinding At The End Of The Day – By
  • A.Cuddling/Lying Down In Each Other's Arm
  • B.Just Reading Watching Movies Together – Not TV Serials
  • C.Messaging Each Other
  • D.Sharing Highlights Of Each Other's Day – Without Making It A Recitation Of Business/House Chores
  • E.Reading/Sharing Books Together
  • F.Sharing Of Your Fantasies
  • G.Sharing Of Dreams
  • H.Appreciation Of Your Partners Contribution – Specific Appreciation Of His/Her
  • I.Taking Out Some Pleasant Surprises For Your Partner
  • 3.Talking Dirty[It Is Different Than Romantic Conversations - In That - It Is Solely Focused On Physical/Sexual Aspects Of Love-Making Through Words That Excites Each Other] – Although Talking Dirty Is Very Useful When You Are Away From Each Other & Conversing Through Voice/Video => It Can Be Used To Generate Passion & Excitement
  • 4.Play With Each Other – Any Way That Makes You Both Relaxed – If Alone – Running Around/Chasing Each Other Naked Or Any Game Can Be As Good
  • 5.Doing/Being/Acting Naughty


[The Point 10 You Must Schedule A Time, Day And Place – Preferably Once Every Week]

  • 1.No Complaining
  • 2.Talking About Your Miseries Of Life
  • 3.Talking About The World & Other People And How Unfair They Are
  • 4.No Fighting
  • 5.No Arguing
  • 6.No Blaming
  • 7.No Faking/Pretending
  • 8.Not Using This Need/Place To Get Even
  • 9.Not Using This Time To Punish By Denying
  • 10.Not Sulking/Not Talking At All
  • 11.Going Through Motion
  • 12.Frank & Open Communication On Any Of The Following Subjects
  • A.Sorting Disputes
  • B.Wants/Needs/Desires From Each Other
  • C.Seeking Clarification/Clearing Misunderstanding
  • D.Conflict Resolution
  • E.Honest Sharing Of Your Feelings, Pains, Hurts
  • F.Future Plans Regarding Children
  • G.Money Matters
  • H.Other Relationship Issue With Each Other, Or Any Other Relationship
  • I.Taking Out Your Anger Of Each Other/Fighting
  • J.Just Listening To Other's Complain
  • K.Bringing Up Any Other Issues That Are Troubling You
  • L.Incompatibility Issues – Understanding Each Other's Similarities & Differences
  • M.Understanding Your Dis-Agreement Areas & How To Handle/Sort Out These

Things To Talk About In Bed

1.New Things/Positions To Try

2.Vacations And Getaways

3.Romantic Memories

4.Giving Feedback About Him/Her "It Feels Really Good When You…"

5.Understanding And Exploring Each Other's Sexual Likes, Dislikes And Preferences

6. SET THE MOOD – By Adjusting - Light , Music

7.Being ADVENTUROUS & Creative

8.Having Snack Together – After Sex

9. DEDICATE A Romantic Web Page For Your Sweetheart - & - Show It To Her As A Surprise => Or Any Other Surprises 

Pillow Talk Mistakes

1.Being Too Romantic For Too Long

2.Saying Something – Why You Have To Do That – It Irritates Me

3.Did I Say That – You Do Not Come To Bedroom – Without Doing….

4.I Really Felt That – You Were Performing Better Earlier

5.Using/Checking Phone/Messages

6.It Is Not Suiting Your Taste – You Doing As Per The Book => It Has To Be Fun For You & Customized To Make Him Her Excited Tailor It To Your Tastes If You Feel Uncomfortable Using Explicit Language While Talking Dirty To Your Man Or If You Don't Like The Idea Of Sending Him Dirty Text Messages, Don't Feel That You Have To! The Key Is Making Dirty Talk Work For You.

7.You Are Forcing It – It Has To Happen Naturally – Which Takes Lots Of Observation, Reading, Talking, Questioning, Trying, Testing

8.You Are Doing It As A Technique – There Is No Fixed Formula If It Does Not Work Try Something Else. Through This Process Of Trial And Error, Seeing What Works For You And What Doesn't, You'll Slowly Build Up An Encyclopedia Of Dirty Talking Phrases And Strategies That Will Keep Your Man/Woman Obsessed With You

9.You Are Talking Trash

Dirty Talk Examples – Few You Can Use As Message, Tele-Video Conversation & Few In The Bed

1.Listening To You – I Am Totally Horny & I'm Touching Myself Right Now

2.I Am Wet

3.I Can't Wait For You To Enter Me

4.Whole Night I Was Dreaming About You & I Woke Up Completely Wet This Morning.

5.You Have Such A Dirty Mind, And I Love It When You Talk Dirty That Way

6.Tell Me Where You Want Me To Touch You First

7.Get Naked And Stand In Front Of Him/Her

8.Say That I & Want You To Tear My Clothes Off My Body

9.I Want To Scream With Pleasure

10.I Love How Your Tongue Feels Down There.

11.Bite My Earlobes And F*** Me Harder.

12.Your Appetite For Sex Makes Me Feel So Proud & Lucky

13.The Way You Reciprocate Love – I Always Want To Be On The Top Of You

14.Kneed My Boobs Harder And Kiss Me On The Nipples

15.Tonight We Shall Make Love In The Open

16.You Make Me Think Such Dirty Thoughts

17. I've Been Waiting For This All Day…

18.Oh Please Do Not Stop

19.I Want You To F*** Me When I Bend At The Table

20.Grab My Bum And Bang Me Harder

21.Just Watching You Makes Me Want To Finger Myself.


1.Create Sexual Tension – Instead Of Going For The Main Act => Make It Longer & Exciting By Teasing Each Other – But Not For Too Long

2.Using Dirty Talk Can Enhance And Intensify Your Sex Life & Keep Him Her Thinking About You

3.By Making It Tailored It To His/Her Tastes – You Make Yourself Irresistible To Him Her

4.To Speak Your Mind When You're Horny

5.Talk Like You're Having An Affair – To Take Your Romance To The Newer Heights

6.To Get In Touch With Your Own & Describe Your Fantasies

7.To Let Him/Her Know What & When You Like

8.Understanding Which Words Makes Him/Her Aroused => Use Crude Words Only If He/She Likes It


1.If We Weren't At This Party And These People Weren't Around, I Would Jump You Right Now!

2.What Would You Say If I Asked You To Go Down On Me Right Now?

3.It Might Sound Greedy, But I Need Your Cock So Bad Right Now. – Learn Powerful Blow Job Techniques In The

4. I'm Going To Drain Your Balls Tonight!

5.I Wish I Could Control Myself Better Around You, But When I See You, All I Want To Do Is Rip Your Clothes Off And F*** You.

6.I Need To Feel You Inside Me.

7.Nobody Has Ever F***-ed Me Like You Do.

8.Even When You're In A Bad Mood, I Want To F*** You.

9.I'm Going To Mark You As Mine Tonight.

10. When We Get Home, I'm Going To Make You Orgasm So Hard.

11. Knowing That You Can Completely Overpower Me Makes Me So Crazy Horny

12. What Would You Prefer I Wear Tonight, A Thong Or Panties Or Nothing At All?

13. Would You Discipline Me If I Was Acting Bratty?

14. If These People Weren't Here, I Would Be On My Knees With Your Cock In My Mouth.

15. I Can Barely Concentrate; I Just Keep Thinking About You Grabbing Me And Taking Me.

16. I Love It When You Wear Tight Clothes.

17. Guess What Color My Panties Are?

18. We Need To Meet After Work; This Horniness Is Killing Me.

19. I Just Want To Wrap My Pussy Around Your Cock.

20. You Look So F***ing Hot In The Morning.

21. I Wore These Panties Just For You.

22. I Feel So Horny And Helpless When You Dominate Me.

23. Tonight Is Going To Be A Lot Of Fun

24. If You Play Your Cards Right, You've Got Some Pleasure/Fun Coming Your Way.

25. Stop Looking At Me Like That, It's Making Me Wet.

26. Tonight We're Going To Do What I Want To Do. But Don't Worry, It's Going To Be A Lot Of Fun!

27. I'm Going To Make You Scream And Shout Tonight!

28. It's A Pity We're Not In Bed Right Now Because All I Can Think Of Is Feeling Your Body On Mine.

DIRTY TALK PHRASES during INTENSE SEX – taken from internet

1.I Just Want To Be Your Little F*** Doll…

2.I Want To Feel Your Cock In My Mouth

3.I Love It When You F*** Me Like A S**t

4.F*** Me Like You Mean It!

5.I Don't Want To Feel My Face Or Hands After You're Done With Me.

6.I Want To Taste Your Cum.

7.Making You Cum Hard Is My Number One Priority Right Now.

8.Taste Me.

9.I Don't Want To Be Able To Walk Tomorrow So F*** Me Harder

10. Don't Stop

11. You're Going To Make Me Cum.

12. I Love Your Dick

13. Fill Me Up

14. I Want Your Cum.

15. I Want To Fall Asleep With You Inside Me.

16. Grab My Breasts And Squeeze My Nipples.

17. I've Been Really Bad And Need To Be Punished.

18. You're Not Leaving Here Until I Have Your Cum In My Mouth.

19. Deeper! (Then Pull Him Deeper With Your Arms And Legs)

20. I Want To Hear You Scream My Name When You Cum.

21. You Like How I F*** You?

22. Pull My Hair And Slap Me.

23. Please F*** Me Harder

DIRTY TALK PHRASES TO KEEP HIM THINKING ABOUT YOU - Best When Sent As Messages – taken from internet

1.I Feel So Small When You Wrap Your Arms Around Me…I Miss This So Much.

2.Sometimes My Legs Get Weak When You Kiss Me.

3.Just Thinking About You Makes Me So Dam Wet!

4.I Miss Your Cock.

5.If We Could Only Have Sex In One Position For The Rest Of Our Lives, What Would It Be?

6.I Masturbated About You Last Night.

7.Still Feeling Sore After Last Night

8.I Think You're The Only Guy Who Can Make Me Angry And Horny At The Same Time.

9.The Hottest Thing About Last Night Was Feeling You Shoot Your Load Inside Me.

10. I Can Still Taste You.

11. I Want To Be Your Lady On The Streets And Your Freak Between The Sheets.

12. I Never Thought I Would Meet Someone That Gets Me So God Dam Aroused.

13. I'm Supposed To Working, But All I Can Think About Is You On The Top Of Me

14. I Am Alone In The Office – I Wish You Were Here

15. You Have Made Me Go Completely Crazy – I Am Scared That I Won't Tell Aloud The Thoughts That I Have About You

LEARN TO TELL JOKES – All The Following Jokes Are Taken From Internet – This Is A Sample – You Need To Create/Learn As Per Your Partner's Taste/Intelligence/Turn-On Factors

  • 1.Do U Know? When I Was Small, So Many Girls Wanted 2 Kiss Me, I Allowed, Now A Days I Wanted 2 Kiss So Many Girls, But They Don't Allowed Selfish Girls ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 2.Father: Tell Me The Name Of The, Dude Who Made U Pregnant? Daughter: Daddy If U Eat Fifteen Bananas, Can U Tell Which One Made U Fat? ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 3.Once Lady: How Come Ur Husband Always Comes Home On Time? Another Lady: I Have Made A Simple Rule, Sex Will Be Sharp At 9 Pm Whether U R Here Or Not. ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 4.Doctor: What Expressions R On Ur Hubby's Face During Sex? Sunny Leone : Anger Doctor: Why?????????????????? Sunny Leone : Because He Is Always Watching From The Window.
  • 5.Naughty Messages For Him Girl: I Want A Responsible Man As A Husband. Man: That's Me, Whenever Anyone Is Pregnant In My Neighborhood, That Say I M Responsible. ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 6.Santa And A Girl Were Having Sex, Suddenly Santa Asks: Do U Have Aids? Girl : No…………. Santa : Thank God! I Didn't Want To Get That Again. ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 7.Manager And Secretary Went To The Hotel, When They Want To The Bed, Manager Asked, Do You Want Me To Treat U As Wife Or Secretary? She Said, As A Wife, Manager: Ok Good Night And Sweet Dreams
  • 8.During Sex Girl – Promise Me U Won't Break My Heart, Boy – No Lady It Is Not That Big ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 9.At 18 A Lady Is Like Football 22 Men Behind Her. At 28 Basket Ball. 10 Men Behind Her, At 38 Golf Ball. 1 Man Behind Her, At 48 Table Tennis Ball, 1 Man Pushing Her To Another
  • 10.Boy: Do You Know U Would Look More Sexy With One Kg Less, Girl- Ok Honey, I Will Loose It As Soon As Possible. Boy: In My Opinion All Ur Clothes Weight Exactly One Kg. ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 11.Never Kiss A Police Woman, She Will Say Stop-Hands Up, Never Kiss A Nurse She Will Say Next Please, Kiss A Teacher She Will Say Repeat It 5 Times ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 12.The Perfect System To Avoid Condom Accident, Use Double Condom With Chilly Powder In Between, If Outer Breaks She Will Know , If Inner Breaks U Will Know.
  • 13.Father: My 5 Yrs Old Son Is Very Naughty, He Made All Our Female Servants Pregnant, Dr. How ???????????????????????????? Father: He Took A Pin And Punched Holes In All My Condoms
  • 14.A Nun Visits Dr. For Urine Test, By Mistakes Her Report Gets Exchange, Dr. Says U R Pregnant Nun Murmurs, Oh Jesus, We Can't Even Trust Candles
  • 15.Mother To Her Teenage Daughter Now Its Time That We Should Talk About Sex……. Daughter Ok! Mom What Do You Want To Know? ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 16.Girl To Doctor: My Mobile Got Stuck, In My Vagina Since Last 4 Days In Vibration Mode, Doctor: Ok, I Will Remove This Easily! Girl: No Just Recharge The Battery. ♠♠—♣♣—♥♥
  • 17.Fact 1 : One Cigraate Reduced Life By 5 Min Fact 2: Sex Increase Life By 10 Min Moral Of Story: A F***ing Smoker Never Dies.
  • 18.Sex Is Like A Restaurant, Sometimes U Get Good Service, Sometimes Bad Service, Sometimes No Service And, Many Times U Have 2 Be, Happy With Self Service

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